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Cross connection testing or backflow device testing and Boiler heat exchanger cleaning

Types of Cross Connection Test:

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Boiler cross connection test

Do you have a boiler system in your home?  Chances are you are hiring companies to come to your home annually to provide cross connection testing.  The thoughts run through your mind that this is just another gimmick for the City to collect money.  However this is not the truth.  The truth is that if you have a testable backflow device, your home has a possible contamination that can harm your family's drinking water or your neighbour's drinking water.  You also have a heating system which differs from a furnace in that it requires regular boiler maintenance by a professional.  The only gimmick is who you choose to perform your annual cross connection test.  Calgary Radiant Heat provides both your annual boiler maintenance at the same time as your annual cross connection test.  Our special rates provide you with complete service by qualified people for less money than other companies charge for just the cross connectiontest.  

Boiler system's with testable backflow device:

Photo Gallery:

This boiler system requires two backflow devices.  One for the residential boiler system and one for the snowmelt system.  The cross connection test and boiler maintenance is performed on a yearly basis.

Cross connection testing on boiler system installed by Calgary Radiant Heat

This Viessmann boiler has a testable backflow device on the water feed.  Regular boiler maintenance and cross connection test is completed annually.

NTI boiler with cross connection control device requiring annual testing.piping

irrigation cross connection test

Do you have an irrigation sprinkler system?  Chances are you are paying too much money for unqualified people who took a 1 week course to get their certification.  Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection is certified by the City of Calgary to provide this service.  Our qualified testers also hold their Master Journeyman Plumbing Tickets.  A journeyman plumber is trained in all your mechanical needs.  Due to this, we understand that the amount of work to provide an irrigation cross connection test does not require the same service as other systems that have testable backflow devices.  Calgary Radiant Heat offers irrigation cross connection test at the lowest rates in Calgary.  Do your neighbour's also have a testable backflow device?  We run even lower group rates for multiple customers living in the same area.  We can answer any plumbing inquiries during our service cross connection test on your backflow device.

IRRIGATION testable backflow DEVICE

Photo Gallery:

This is a residential boiler system that has a backflow device on the boiler water feed.  This backflow device does not require testing.  This boiler system does not require any chemical and therefore does not require a testable backflow device.  This home does have an irrigation system which does require a cross connection test.  This irrigation cross connection test is performed annually.

Irrigation backflow device on boiler piping system requiring cross connection testing
Watts cross connection test device for boiler
Conbracco cross connection testing for boiler feed

Cross Connection Test Program:

The cross connection control program reduces water contamination risks in water infrastructure where a link between our drinking water system and non-potable water is located.  

The program oversees guidelines for controlling cross connections and ensuring compliance so calgary's drinking water supply is protected from contaminated water, such as water that has been used for washing, heating, cooling, etc., within a facility or home from flowing into the drinking water system

– City of calgary - Cross connection control program

Residential Boiler Maintenance

Get your annual cross connection testing done at the same time as your boiler maintenance...

Backflow device requiring cross connection testing on boiler system piping

Boiler Heat Exchanger Clean

Boilers require regular maintenance which includes a heat exchanger clean.  This provides higher efficiency ratings and longevity of your mechanical system.  Whether you have a Viessmann boiler, NTI boiler, Weil Mclain boiler, IBC boiler, Buderus boiler, or Slant Fin boiler, Calgary Radiant Heat can provide yearly maintenance for your system.  Water quality is another essential maintenance factor to protect your piping system and boiler.  Boiler maintenance service provided by Calgary Radiant Heat includes boiler heat exchanger clean, water quality test and cross connection test by certified journeyman plumbers.

Dirty Viessmann boiler heat exchanger before cleaning

This is a boiler heat exchanger on a hi-efficient boiler before Calgary Radiant Heat cleaned the heat exchanger.  As you can see by the picture, this boiler shouldn't have been running.  The amount of sediment build up in the boiler heat exchanger does not allow for proper heat exchange between the burner and the liquid chambers within the heat exchanger.  Regular boiler maintenance is now being performed on this boiler which will reduce service costs in the future.

Clean stainless steel NTI Trinity boiler heat exchanger after Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection maintenance

This is a boiler heat exchanger after Calgary Radiant Heat cleaned the heat exchanger.  You can see all the tubes of the heat exchanger are now clear and ready for a high efficient heat exchange between the burner and the liquid chambers.

Covid 19 Protocol:

Calgary Radiant Heat and Calgary Cross Connection Test have devised the following protocol measures during the Covid 19 pandemic.  This will be our new normal for the next couple of years and should things change sooner, we shall update our protocol measures where necessary.  Our safety and our customer's safety have been taken into consideration.

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