Covid 19 Protocol

Calgary Radiant Heat and Calgary Cross Connection Test

What we will do:

  1. We will notify you via cell phone upon our arrival to your address.   
  2. We ask that you unlock your door at this time.  (Please leave door closed or wide open.  If door left closed, we will only touch the door handle with our gloves.  If you leave the door wide open, we will not touch the door. 
  3. Our team members will be sanitizing their hands, putting on protective gloves (where applicable) and a safety mask at this time.  We will also be setting up our tools required in your home. 
  4. Upon arrival at your door, protective booties (where applicable) will be used before stepping into your home.  We will be saying hello during this time to let you know who is entering. 
  5. We can let ourselves through your hallway and down the stairs to your mechanical room.  If everything is prepped by you, we will not need to touch any surfaces. 
  6. Our services will now be performed of your cross connection control device test or other service that we are scheduled to perform. 
  7. Once the testing or service is completed, we will verbally notify you that we are exiting the basement and coming back up the stairs.  We will allow you a few minutes to ensure that your front door has been opened or unlocked. 
  8. Once we are in your front entrance, we will let you know the results of the cross connection test or service.  If the results require further service, we will notify you of parts, pricing, etc.  If agreed upon, we will need to return to our vehicle for parts and tools and the same process will be done as previous. 
  9. We will send your invoice via email.  We will also send your receipt and documentation for your Calgary Cross Connection Test.  All documentation required by the City of Calgary will be forwarded by us, Calgary Radiant Heat Cross Connection Test.                                                                                                                                                                                  Thank you.

what you can do:

  1. Please ask us any questions you may have during this time.              
  2. Please unlock your front door at this time.  You have the option of leaving the front door wide open or just unlocked.  If you leave it open, we will not touch the door.  If you leave it unlocked, we will only touch the handle.             
  3. Please prepare any people or animals that are in the home to be in an area that provides us with a minimum of 6 feet to our staff.  If you can be in a separate room, this works even better. 
  4. Please provide us with social distance of at least 6ft or more while we are in your home and entering your home.  The more distance you can provide us is greatly appreciated.          
  5. Please have all hallways and entrances clear of any obstruction, please turn on lights for us to be able to see and have all interior doors wide open for us to enter.  
  6. During the service call, please relax in another room in your home.  We will let you know the results shortly.  The test takes 15min to 30min to complete.  
  7. You will hear us call out from the basement once the test is completed and you can either open your front door wide open or just unlocked.  We will wait for your response that everything is ready for our exit.  
  8. Once we are in your front entrance, we will let you know the test results.  If the test passes, we will send you all documentation and invoicing via email.  If the results do not pass, we will explain your options to fix the device and/or replace the device at this time.  If another service is provided, we will let you know the status. 
  9. Please feel free to wash your front door handle if required.  Maybe even your stairwell handrails.  If you do not, your home is still safe.  We used disposable gloves, masks and footwear protection to ensure the safety to you and your family members.                                                                                                                                                                                 Thank you.

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